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Saturday, October 20, 2018 
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Second edition of Made in Romania project debuts in January 2018 following the successful first edition


  • BVB launches a 100-page book, which includes the business tales of 15 promising Romanian companies
  • Made in Romania’s second edition will debut next January, a new website is already available at www.bvbleague.ro


Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) together with its partners conclude the first edition of the Made in Romania project, which proved to be so successful that its second edition is already scheduled to begin in January, 2018.

As a manner of concluding the Made in Romania project, Bucharest Stock Exchange has released Made in Romania: 15 companies for the growth of the Romanian economy and their unique stories, a 100-page book, which includes the business tales of 15 companies: 2Performant Network, Agricover, Amber, Autonom Rent-a-Car, Blue Air, Cris-Tim, Electrogrup, FruFru, Ivatherm, IRUM, Lasting System, Smart Bill, Softelligence, Prutul and Vola.ro.

Also today, BVB has officially announced the 2nd edition of the project, re-launched the www.bvbleague.ro website as well as teased some information related to how the project will unravel in 2018. The project will run in a similar manner to the first edition, and will be organized in three stages: nominations, shortlisting and selection of the final 15 companies. The nominations window will be activated on the project website on January 15th. The following partners will be supporting BVB carrying out the 2nd edition of the project: Banca Transilvania GroupHorvath & Partners Management Consultants, auditor Mazars, law firm NNDKP and retail broker Tradeville.

"We are proud that Made in Romania managed to become, in less than a year, yet another flagship project of the Bucharest Stock Exchange. Together with our partners, we look forward to continuing with the second edition of the project in 2018. We hope to discover even more innovative companies, inspiring stories and, most importantly, future movers and shakers for our local, Romanian economy," said Lucian Anghel, President of the Board of Governors of BVB.

Bucharest Stock Exchange announced the initial, first edition of Made in Romania on February 6, 2017. Organized for the first time in the history of the Romanian capital market, Made in Romania is a unique project of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, launched with the goal of identifying and promoting top Romania’s companies. Bucharest Stock Exchange’s goal behind the Made in Romania project was to identify the future drivers of Romanian economy and assist them throughout a full year in order to help them bring their businesses to the next level, by improving transparency, visibility, reputation and, most importantly, gaining access to capital needed for further growth and development.

Throughout 2017, BVB has collaborated with 166 companies that have submitted their nominations and within the training period, we managed to incite innovation and best practices in 50 Romanian companies as well as promoted the success stories and people behind the finalist 15. The first edition of the project was organized in collaboration with Banca Transilvania Group, Google, Horvath & PartnersMazars and NN.