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Notice of ESGM 10.11.2017

Release Date: 10/5/2017 5:49:58 PM

IRIS Code: 5A153




Nr.Reg.Com. J05/173/1991

C.I.F.  RO 54620

Capital Social

17.766.860 lei

Tel: +40 259 451026; +40 359 401677

Fax:+40 259 462066; +40 359 401676

 Mobil:  40 730 631737; +40 741 069069

 e-mail: office@uamt.ro


To:      Bucharest Stock Exchange, Transactions Issuers Market Department           

            Financial Supervisory Authority




According to CNVM Statute  No.1/2006


Report date: 05.10.2017

Company’s name: SC UAMT SA

Headquaters: ORADEA, 410605,Uzinelor street, No.8, Bihor county

Telephone no./fax: 0259 451026; 0359 401677 / 0259 462 066; 0359 401676

Unique registration code: RO 54620

Serial number in Trade Register: J05/173/1991

Registered capital subscribed and paied: 17.766.860,00 lei

Market that are traded issued values : Bucharest Stock Exchange



Important event to report: Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting Convocation


Under Companies Law provisions no. 31/1990, updated, and Law no.297/2004 regarding the capital market with the latest modifications and updates, considering the provisions of CNVM statutes no.1/2006 and no.6/2009, the Administration Board of S.C. UAMT S.A. Oradea, convened in the meeting of 04.10.2017, summons the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting on 10.11.2017, at 1400, at the company’s establishment, for all shareholders registered in Shareholders Register at the end of the day 27.10.2017, considered as reference date. Only the persons who are shareholders on the mentioned reference date have the right to participate and vote in the General Meeting.


The agenda is the following:


1.      The ratification of the  Administration Council’s Decision of 20.09.2017, regarding the renewal of multiproduct credit line and the empowering of mister Bogdan Ciprian Stanciu to legally represent the company in order to sign the necessary documents.

2.      Approval of contracting one or more investment credits and leasings up to the total value of 6.000.000 Euro and the guaranteing of them, by case, with purchased goods or mortgadge in favour of the financing entity over the land and buildings owned by SC UAMT SA, as noted in  CF153431; CF163731; CF163729; CF152375; CF163725; CF163730; CF156955; CF153825; CF156832; CF163745; CF163873; CF163748; CF156936.

3.      The empowering of mister Bogdan Ciprian Stanciu to represent the company in relation with the financing entities and to sign the contracts and other needed documents and to accomplish all formalities in order to fulfill the present mandate.

4.      Approval of the date 29.11.2017 as registration date proposed by the Council of Adiministration to identify the shareholders on whom the AGA Decisions reflect on and 28.11.2017 as ex date.


In the situation of non accomplishing the conditions regarding the holding of  Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting, it is convened the second meeting on 11.11.2017, at 1400 in the same place and with the same agenda of the day.

Only the shareholders registered on the reference date can participate and vote in the General Meeting or can be represented by other persons than the shareholders, based on special power of attorney or general power of attorney, issued according with the law provisions.

The acces of the shareholders to the General Meeting is made by simple proof of their identity, made in case of shareholders natural persons with identity documents and in case of companies or natural persons represented by special power of attorney or general power of attorney issued according with the law, given to the natural person who represent them.

The special power of attorney or the general power of attorney made according with the law will be done (either in romanian language, or in english language), in three original exemplaries (one for the company, one for the represented person, one or the representative) and can be obtained (in romanian and in english) either at the headquaters of the company ot downloaded from the website

www.uamt.ro,  begining with the date of 06.10.2017. After the completing and the signing of the documents, these will be submitted to the establishment of the company until 09.11.2017, at 1500, or  by electronic transmission to the address resurse.umane@uamt.ro .

          The registered shareholders on the reference date in the Shareholders Register have the possibility to vote by corespondence before the General Shareholders Meeting, by using the corespondence voting form (in romanian and in english, available at the company’s headquaters and on the website www.uamt.ro ).

The corespondence vote forms completed (either in romanian or in english) and signed, with the copy of the valid identity card belonging to the shareholder (identity card in case of natural person, registration certificate and copy of the identity card of the representative in case of companies) will be sent to the society, with confirmation of receiving, in such way as to be registered as received at the latest on the 09.11.2017, at 1500. The forms received after this date will not be taken in consideration in order to determine the majority and the cvorum in AGA.

One or more of the shareholders representing individualy or together at least 5% of the social capital, have the right to introduce, with the deadline of 15 days from the date of publishing the convocation of the meeting, respectively the date of 23.10.2017, new points on the agenda, under the condition that each point should be accompanied by a justification or a decision project proposed to be adopted and to present in term of maximum 15 days from the date of publishing the convocation, respectively the date of 23.10.2017, decision projects for the points included or proposed to be included on the agenda of the general meeting. These right scan be posted in written, at the society by courier or by electronic ways.

Each shareholder has the right to adress questions related to the points in the agenda of the General Meeting, at the latest one working day before the date of the General Meeting, respectively on

09.11.2017. The questions can be sent in written, together with copies of the valid identity cards in case of natural persons and registration certificate in case of companies. The company will formulate a general answer for the questions with the same content and will be available on the website of the company in shape of question-answer.

            The documents, materials regarding points of the agenda, decisions project, special power of attorney form and  corespondin voting form will be available to the shareholders at the headquqaters of the company and on the company’s website www.uamt.ro, starting with the date of 06.10.2017’.


Aditional information can be obtained at the headquaters of the company or by phone 0259 451026 extension 339.



Olimpia Doina Stanciu,

                                               Chairman of the Administration Board




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