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15 Romanian companies awarded at Made in Romania Gala


  • The 15 finalists of Made in Romania project were officially announced and awarded at Made in Romania Gala,  2nd edition
  • Between May and November, the finalists and the other 35 semi-finalists will enter a mentoring program designed to support them for a long-term and consistent business development


Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) officially announced and awarded the 15 companies that qualified in the final stage of Made in Romania, a unique project organized by BVB and its partners to identify and support the future growth engines of the local economy or of the region.

The 15 companies that qualified for the final are:




Field of activity

Allview (Visual Fan)


Mobile phones, tablets and gadgets producer


Baia Mare

Trade in beekeeping products for health

Aqua Carpatica (Carpathian Springs)


Mineral water producer

Bebe Tei


Babies items supermarket

Bilka Steel


Roof system producer




City Grill


Restaurants chain

Cramele Recas

Recas (Timis county)




Cosmetics producer



Mobile phones and gadgets retailer



Production and sale of footwear and handbags



Software developer


Ortisoara (Timis county)

Dairy processor

Te-Rox Prod


Manufacturer of children car seats, covers and seat belts

Tremend Software Consulting


Software developer


Following the Jury meeting, 14 companies were selected. The jury was made up of 12 experts from various branches of the economy and well anchored in the local economy: Razvan Butucaru (Partner, Mazars), Ovidiu Dumitrescu (Deputy CEO, Tradeville), Marius Ghenea (Partner, 3TS Capital Partners), Radu Hanga (Senior Advisor to the Board, Banca Transilvania), Dan Isai (Founder & CEO, Salad Box), Cristian Logofatu (Co-founder & CFO, Bittnet Systems), Daniel Truica (Founder & CEO,, Sergiu Voicu (Journalist, Digi24), Kurt Weber (General Manager, Horváth & Partners), Lucian Anghel (President of the Board of Governors, Bucharest Stock Exchange) and Adrian Tanase (CEO, Bucharest Stock Exchange).

The company which entered directly into the final following the public vote is iHunt, therefore the number of finalists made in Romania reached 15. The public voting session took place between March 19th and April 3rd, time during which on the website there were casted 42,540 votes, almost four times more votes than in the first edition of the Made in Romania project, in 2017.

The 15 finalist companies were announced during an award gala on April 25th, where there were more than 150 entrepreneurs and executives of the companies in the Made in Romania community, together with the members of the Nomination Committee, the members of the Jury and other supporters of the project.

"It was a very difficult task to select just a few companies, because each of them has a unique story. We would have wanted to reward them all, because all the entrepreneurs whose stories we analysed in this edition should be applauded and placed on the podium for the courage and determination to speak their word in the Romanian economy. Although the purpose of Made in Romania is not listing companies, we are happy to hear about the intentions of some of the companies in the BVB League to use the capital market for development due to their participation in this project", stated Lucian Anghel, President of the Board of Governors, Bucharest Stock Exchange.

More information on nominations as well as on the 50 shortlisted companies are available in a special brochure prepared by BVB for Made in Romania, which available HERE.

"This year Made in Romania edition came as a follow-up to the last year’s excellent approach, whereby we are getting closer to the Stock Exchange and the capital market in general a wider range of local companies, authentic brands and talented people who have managed to reinvent the local entrepreneurial landscape", stated Radu Hanga, Senior Advisor tot the Board, Banca Transilvania.

We are impressed by the number of companies registered and the positive reactions generated by Made in Romania. Entrepreneurs with initiative, visionaries who have created local development opportunities, that have expanded their business abroad and promote the «Made in Romania» brand all over the world. Each of these is a source of inspiration. The final selection is a representative example of the participating companies", said Razvan Butucaru, Partner, Mazars.

"As we could also notice during Made in Romania event in 2017, the 50 companies that entered into the final selection process this year represent a clear proof of the Romanian entrepreneurial spirit, on one side, and of the positive performances that these companies had shown during the last years, on the other side. The selection of the 14 awarded companies was very difficult, because each successful entrepreneurial story of these companies is unique, extremely interesting and exemplary. Romanian economy needs these kind of entrepreneurs and their companies, whereas Made in Romania initiative can represent the perfect catalyst both for the actual generation of entrepreneurs and for the generations to come in the near future", said Kurt Weber, Managing Director, Horváth & Partners Management Consultants.

"We are delighted to have the opportunity to be part of Made in Romania, a project which responds to our aim to identify ways to contribute to the continuous development of the Romanian entrepreneurship. The Romanian entrepreneurial environment has been raising our interest for many years and we have been proud to analyze the 50 semifinalist companies which demonstrated that Romanian entrepreneurs are equally capable to create, raise and consolidate businesses that root back to old Romanian traditions, either in very competitive industries or in new sectors characterized by a high degree of innovation and an extraordinary dynamic evolution. We've been glad to see Romanian companies approaching "old" industries in a completely different manner, creating a new concept, proposing a different approach to the way things used to be done and the results are appreciated and benefited from by the Romanian market and also started to be recognized on the international markets. WELL DONE!", said Alina Radu, Partner, Head of Banking and Finance, NNDKP.

"The spirit of those who develop a business is the most important energy source of an economy, I dare to say even of a country or a whole culture. «Enterprise» is one of those words that represents much more than the definition in a dictionary, is the force that has moved entire continents and changed the course of history. For me, Made in Romania is becoming a project to recognize the existence of that spirit in our country, a way to find our inspiration to motivate everyone to be better, to create value and things and ideas regardless of whether we start at the peaks of science and latest technologies or from the earliest roots of our history. These companies are already shining through their own powers, and the fact that we can see some of these companies among the BVB issuers is the chance to make the whole world a brighter place", said Ovidiu Dumitrescu, Deputy CEO, Tradeville.

"Through Made in Romania, we want to create an ecosystem where entrepreneurs, investors, consultants and all other actors in the business environment meet and learn from each other so that their businesses and, as well, the economy will develop. Thus, I am convinced that we will have more and more entrepreneurs proud to say «I AM MADE IN ROMANIA»”, stated Adrian Tanase, CEO of Bucharest Stock Exchange.

In the first stage of the project, 201 companies were registered, 20% more than in the first edition of Made in Romania. The growing interest in Made in Romania is also due to the support provided by members of the Nomination Committee, Jury members, and companies that entered the BVB League in 2017.

Between May and November, the 15 finalists and the other 35 semi-finalists will benefit from a mentoring program designed to support them in business development, which will cover topics such as marketing and branding, strategy and innovation, audit and financing development. Depending on each month’s theme, there will be workshops, trainings and meetings dedicated to the teams and employees of the selected companies.

Already at its second edition, Made in Romania is a unique project that aims to identify and promote the Romanian entrepreneurship. During 2018, the partners that will be supporting the project are Banca Transilvania GroupHorváth & Partners Management Consultants, Mazars, NNDKP, Tradeville and Catalyst Romania.


About Made in Romania

Made in Romania was launched by the Bucharest Stock Exchange in February 2017, with the purpose of identifying and promoting Romania’s top companies. Bucharest Stock Exchange’s goal behind the Made in Romania project is to identify the future drivers of Romanian economy and support them throughout a full year, all in order to help them bring their businesses to the next level, by improving transparency, visibility, reputation and, most importantly, gaining access to capital needed for further growth and development. The participation in this project is free of charge and voluntary.