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Sunday, September 19, 2021 
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BVB announces the 15 finalist companies of Made in Romania - 3rd edition


  • The 15 finalists of Made in Romania project were officially announced and awarded at Made in Romania Gala, 3rd edition
  • All finalists and semi-finalists of the three editions of the program will benefit in the coming months from a special program dedicated to supporting long-term business development


Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) officially announced and awarded the 15 finalist companies of Made in Romania – 3rd edition, a unique program organized by BVB and its partners to identify and support the future growth engines of the local economy or of the region.

The 15 companies that qualified for the final are:


Field of activity


Online educational management platform, more than a digital catalog, and it provides access to complex school information.

Agroserv Mariuta / Laptaria cu caimac

Dairy processor, 100% Romanian, integral, natural and minimally processed.

AMC RO Studio

IT company specialized in 3D graphics services and programming for video games, movies and multimedia applications.

Annabella / Raureni

With a tradition of over 50 years in the preparation of fruits and vegetables according to authentic recipes, Raureni always offers nature’s most valuable gifts.

Arobs Transilvania Software

One of the world’s leading software vendors, 5th among the top local IT employers.


The largest player in the local pharmaceutical market.


The company offers solutions for automating business processes (financial accounting, procurement and logistics).


The leader of the lighting market, mainly on the automotive market.


The largest DOC wine producer, offering the widest variety of products.


One of the largest producers of paints and varnishes on the local market.

Noah Watches

Start-up focused on the production and design of wooden hand clocks.


Integrator of products and solutions in the agricultural field and, at the same time, the most ambitious project in Romanian agriculture.

Salad Box

The most extensive Romanian brand of restaurants.

Typing DNA

Romanian cybersecurity start-up that uses behavioral authentication based on user typing.

Vivre Deco

The largest online furniture and decoration store in Central and Eastern Europe, active in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Croatia.


Following the Jury meeting, 14 companies were selected. The jury was made up of 12 experts from various branches of the economy and well anchored in the local economy: Razvan Butucaru (Partner, Mazars), Radu Constantinescu (Cofounder, Qualitance), Ovidiu Dumitrescu (Deputy CEO, Tradeville), Radu Hanga (Senior Advisor to the Board, Banca Transilvania), Nicoleta Iordan (Cofounder, Carturesti), Irina Neacsu (Executive Director Corporate Finance, BRD-Groupe Societe Generale), Marius Stefan (Cofounder, Autonom Rent-a-Car), Ioana Tanase (Executive Director Corporate Finance, BCR), Sergiu Voicu (Journalist, Digi24), Kurt Weber (Executive Director, Horváth & Partners), Lucian Anghel (Chairman, Bucharest Stock Exchange) and Adrian Tanase (CEO, Bucharest Stock Exchange).

The company which entered directly into the final following the public vote is Agroserv Mariuta – Laptaria cu caimac, therefore the number of finalists made in Romania reached 15. The public voting session took place between April 8 – 21, the public favourite registering almost one third of the votes cast on the website www.bvbleague.ro.

The 15 finalist companies were announced during Made in Romania Awards Gala, on May 14, attended by 150 entrepreneurs and executives of the companies in the Made in Romania community, together with the members of the Nomination Committee, the members of the Jury and other supporters of the project.

"Made in Romania entrepreneurs make us proud that we are Romanians. Thus, we discover both successful companies started from zero and developed to a high maturity level, as well as innovative start-up companies with remarkable potential for accelerated development. The private environment is the main contributor to the formation of the Gross Domestic Product in Romania, and the more we develop such companies in Romania, the better our future will be. Made in Romania helps Romanian entrepreneurs achieve their maximum development potential for the benefit of the entire local community and ours. We should listen carefully to their success stories, learn from them and implement their recommendations to create new successful businesses at a regional level, not just in Romania. Through Made in Romania, we are also trying to inspire other Romanian entrepreneurs or people in the process of becoming entrepreneurs that they can develop extraordinary business in Romania if they learn and listen to the advice of some consultants such as the specialists involved in the program run by the BVB together with its partners", stated Lucian Anghel, BVB Chairman of the Board.

"Made in Romania has gained visibility with each new edition and it is encouraging to see not only that the number of registered companies has already reached 300, but also that this project attracts more and more caliber supporters. In addition, in the third edition, we managed to have a greater diversity, both in terms of business sectors and size and business age, being pleased to accept a significant number of Romanian start-ups that started to get recognition", said Radu Hanga, Senior Advisor to the Board, Banca Transilvania.

"Made in Romania is a sane reminder that we have many good businesses that happen in Romania, with an impressive reach among different industries, company models and sizes. There is a clear potential that we could have a wider variety of products to be made available to investors through listings on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, for both debt and equity. We hope that this potential will transform in a more dynamic and sophisticated capital market. We were honored to be part of this project, as we continue our commitment towards supporting the development of Romanian companies and building upon financial education programs. For sure this initiative should continue to grow", said Ioana Tanase, Corporate Finance Executive Director, BCR.

"We noted from year to year an increase in entrepreneurs' interest in documenting on the opportunities provided by the stock exchange, over 90% of the semi-finalists being in the SME and start-up area. The selection of the finalists was a transparent and challenging decision-making process, with BRD being prepared at the next stage to understand the business needs of the finalists and to provide them with personalized advice for accessing financing instruments available on the capital market", stated Irina Neacsu, Corporate Finance Executive Director, BRD-Groupe Societe Generale.

"The 50 semifinalists of the Made in Romania 2019 edition are a perfect example for how all economic sectors are developing in Romania. On the other hand, the selection of the 15 that that will receive a prize has been a very complicated process. All of these companies have shown a lot of determination and good practices in their industry and are excellent examples of the entrepreneurial potential of the Romanian economy. They will serve as as role models and inspiration for future entrepreneurs", stated Kurt Weber, CEO, Horváth & Partners Management Consultants.

"With each edition of the Made in Romania project I am impressed by the companies participating, from the ones in their start-up phase to the mature companies, already established and some about to reach a greater international recognition.

"The force of the Romanian entrepreneurs is remarkable. Their power to innovate, to assume risks and build further, with all the obstacles which were and are not few, is surprising. I think that this year’s selection is in harmony to a great extent with the current structure of the Romanian economy. I hope that the 3rd edition will bring more added value to the participants, help them in the long run and further strengthen the Made in Romania brand", said Razvan Butucaru, Partner, Mazars.

"Just like in the previous editions, I was glad that the Jury had a difficult assignment because we received from the Nomination Committee a list of companies where each competitor had a special story, with a mixture of strong brands and companies with excellent development prospects. Any of the 50s could have stayed as good among the finalists, but until the end we had to make a number of choices to be able to award the best of the best", stated Ovidiu Dumitrescu, Deputy CEO, Tradeville.

"Through Made in Romania, we want to create an ecosystem where entrepreneurs, investors, consultants and all other actors in the business environment can meet and learn from each other, so that their businesses and, implicitly, the Romanian economy to develop. Bucharest Stock Exchange supports entrepreneurs who need capital and have a surplus of investment ideas for their business development. We want to see as many entrepreneurs interested in understanding financial market mechanisms and understand that the discipline imposed by the rules of financial markets is a good thing for the development of companies from all points of view, starting from access to financing, continuing with the implementation of clear procedures , a segregation of attributions and, at the same time, diversification of teams, cost-free marketing, better retention of key employees and many other benefits. All efforts to comply with the rules imposed by the capital market will mainly result in a much better business development capacity, which will inevitably be «remunerated» by investors through a fair valuation of the shares of that company, said Adrian Tanase, BVB CEO

Made in Romania program began in 2017 with 166 nominated companies. In the second edition (2018), the number of nominations increased by 20% to 201, so that in the third edition (2019), 296 companies would be registered, about 50% above the 2018 level and almost double than the first edition. The growing interest in Made in Romania is also due to the support provided by members of the Nomination Committee, Jury members, and companies that entered the BVB League in the previous two editions.

The third edition of Made in Romania brought an improvement of the mentoring program, so that Made in Romania could get as close as possible to Romanian entrepreneurs. In addition, the finalists will benefit from punctual seminars directly at their headquarters.

The final stage of this edition is dedicated to all semi-finalist companies and involves free assistance in areas of interest to companies through regional workshops (Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Timisoara, Bucharest), bilateral discussions at the offices of finalists, webinars, etc.

Made in Romania is a unique program that aims to identify and promote Romanian entrepreneurship. During 2019, the Main Partners supporting the project are BCRBRD – Groupe Societe GeneraleGrupul Financiar Banca TransilvaniaBRD Asset Management si Erste Asset Management, together with Catalyst RomaniaCivitta RomaniaHorváth & Partners Management Consultants, Inoveo, Mazars, Tradeville, Cramele Recas  and  DIGI24, as Media Partner.