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| October 25, 2021 |
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Fiscal Code. Practical aspects for investors


Bucharest Stock Exchange, alongside with KPMG and Intercapital Invest, is pleased to invite you to the seminar "Fiscal Code. Practical aspects for investors".
For two hours, you will find out from experts from KPMG, Alexander Massaci (Director, Tax Advisory) Elena Doaga (Assistant Manager, Tax Advisory) and Ioana Chiculita, (Tax Consultant, Tax Advisory), important and useful information about:
- the share of income tax due on miscellaneous investment income (capital gains, dividends, interest, etc.)
- social contributions payable on income from investments;
- determining the taxable income;
- rules on compensation of losses;
- declarative obligations of investors;
- the declaration and payment deadlines under the law;
- the avoidance of double taxation - application of the treaties to avoid double taxation;
- obligations of intermediaries;
- changes to the new Fiscal Code, applicable both for 2016 and for 2017;
- declarative obligations to investors who use investment vehicles abroad (offshore companies, holding companies, captive insurance companies, etc.);
- automatic exchange of information with implications for individuals who invest abroad directly as individuals or through investment vehicles;
- short-selling and taxation of such transactions

The seminar will take place on Tuesday, May 10, at 17.30, at the headquarters of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, 2nd floor, Millennium Hall.
Participation is free, but for a good organization please register by filling in the form below.