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COCOR SA Bucuresti - COCR

OGSM resolutions 26.03.2018

Release Date: 3/27/2018 5:53:31 PM

IRIS Code: 8E9AC







In accordance with Law no. 24/2017 and NSC Regulation no. 1/2006

Date of report 27.03.2018



Name of issuer: S.C. COCOR S.A.

Headquarter: Bucharest, 29-33 IC Bratianu Blvd., district 3

Telephone: 0213131403; Fax: 0213139848; email:


Unique Registration Code: RO 327763

Order Number in the Trade Register: J40/8281/1991

Capital subscribed and paid: 12.067.640 lei

Regulated market on which the issued securities are traded: Bucharest Stock Exchange Issuer symbol: COCR

Code LEI: 31570071VUNX186G6N61


Significant events to report:

Decisions of the General Ordinary Meeting of Shareholders of S.C. Cocor S.A. from 26.03.2018


The General Ordinary Meeting of Shareholders of S.C. COCOR S.A., with headquarter in Bucharest, 29-33 IC Bratianu Blvd., district 3, unique registration code RO 327763, registered in the Trade Registerunder no. J40/8281/1991;

The convening was published in the Romanian Official Gazette, 4th part no.787 from 23.02.2018, in Bursa dated on 23.02.2018 and on website;

Meeting on March 26, 2018, at 14.00, at the first convocation, in the presence of the shareholders holding together 264709 shares, representing 87.742% of the share capital;



1. Approves of the individual annual financial statements, respectively the balance sheet, the profit and loss account, the statement of changes in equity, the cash flow statement, informative data, fixed assets statement and explanatory notes of the annual financial statements, drawn up for the financial year 2017, based on the reports submitted by the Board of Directors and the Financial Auditor, with the following indicators:

Turnover                      11.472.407 lei                                                 

Total income                  21.097.973 lei

Total expenditure             13.088.783 lei

Gross profit                   8.009.190 lei  

Total debs                    41.911.451 lei

Total claims                   3.510.952 lei

Total stocks                      58.396 lei

Own capital                   97.710.555 lei

EBITA                         13.990.844 lei                                   

EBIT                           11.242.637 lei                                

Net profit after                6.637.255 lei


Votes for 170249 representing 64.32%, votes against 94077 representing 35.54%, abstaining votes 383.  


2. Approves the distribution of the net profit realized on 31.12.2017 in the amount of 6.637.255 lei to cover the losses of the previous years.

Votes for 170632 representing 64.46%, votes against 63871 representing 24.13%, abstaining votes 30206 representing 11.41%. 


3. Approves the Income and Expenditure Budget for the year 2018, with the following indicators:                                  

Total income               14.001.500 lei

Total expenditure          12.500.000 lei            

EBITA                       6.251.500 lei

EBIT                        3.501.500 lei                          

Net profit after            1.216.260 lei


Votes for 170114 representing 64.26%, votes against 94077 representing 35.54%, abstaining votes 518 representing 0.2%.     


4. Approves the release of management of the company directors for the activity performed during the financial year 2017.

Votes for 144692 representing 54.66%, votes against 94077 representing 35.54%, abstaining votes 25940 representing 9.80%.   


5. Approves the election of the following members of the board of directors by the cumulative vote method, for a period of 4 years, starting with 28.03.2018: Moise Catalin-Teodor, S.C. Turnover ABC by mr. Besliu Aurel, S.C. Popescu Management S.R.L. by mr. Pricopie Cristian-Claudiu, Buica Nicusor-Marian, and S.C. Quality Concept Management S.R.L. by mr. Balan Constantin.


6. Approves of the remunerations of the Board of Director’s members:
the amount of 235 lei net / person and the following additional remunaration: the amount of 6000 euro net / month for the President of the Board of Administration, the amount of 3000 euro net / month for the Vice-president of the Board of Administration, the amount of 600 net lei / individual or 1000 lei net / juridical person, for each member of the Audit Committee. In the case of juridical persons members, VAT is applied in addition to the established remuneration.

Votes for 139586 representing 52.73%, votes against 125123 representing 47.27%.           


7. Approves rewarding the President of the Board of Directors for the activity developed in 2017 with the amount of 99000 euro, plus VAT.

Votes for 139203 representing 52.59%, votes against 125506 representing 47.41%.           


8. With unanimity of votes, approves granting a power of attorney to Ms. Popa Liliana identified with CI RD 901964, CNP 2691027460017 who will take the necessary steps for the registration and publication of the resolution, as well as for the mentions of the company at the Trade Register.


9. With unanimity of votes, approves 13.04.2018 as registration date, for the opposability of all the decisions made by the Shareholder’s Ordinary General Meeting, in accordance with the provisions of art. 86 in Law no. 24/2017 regarding the issuers of the financial instruments and market operations.


10. With unanimity of votes, approves the date of 12.04.2018 as ex date in accordance with the provisions of art. 1292 of Regulation no 1/2006 on issuers and operations with securities issued by NSC.



Chairman of the Board of Directors,

S.C. Popescu Management S.R.L.

By Mr. Pricopie Cristian-Claudiu



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