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| December 05, 2021 |
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Notice of OGSM 21st of April 2021

Release Date: 3/18/2021 8:38:09 AM

IRIS Code: 5F843


No.   606             / 17.03.2021                 






Financial Supervisory Authority

Bucharest Stock Exchange



Persuant to Regulation ASF no. 5/2018 and Law no. 24/2017



    Report date: 18.03.2021


-          Issuing Company : MOBEX  S.A.;

-          Headquarters: Tirgu Mures,  Caprioarei street no. 2,  Mures county;

-          Phone: 0265/210652; Fax: 0265/211020

-          VAT number: RO 1222544;

-          Trade register number: J 26/8/1991;

-          Subscribed and paid-up share capital: 6.145.745 lei

-          Number of shares: 2.458.298  shares, each 2,5 lei;

-          The regulated market for transactions: Bucharest Stock Exchange ATS AeRO,  MOBG symbol.


We send you the Convocation letter for the OGAOS of the Company MOBEX S.A. which will take place on 21st of April 2021 hour 11:00 or 22 of April 2021 same time, at company’s headquarters from Tirgu Mures, Caprioarei street, no. 2 – new administrative building – meeting room.






P R E D I S E N T,

eng. Popescu Mihail



















The present convocation letter is made acccording to the provisions of the Law no. 31/1990 and to the provisions of the Articles of Incorporation, Law no. 24/2017 and ASF Regulation no. 5/2018

The Board of Directors of the company MOBEX S.A., headquartered in  Tirgu Mures,. Caprioarei street no 2, Mures county, registered with the Trade Registry Office under no. J26/8/1991, VAT registration number: RO1222544, in the meeting from 17.03.2021, calls the




on 21.04.2021, hour 11:00, at company’s headquarters from Tirgu Mures, Caprioarei street, no. 2 – new administrative building – meeting room, where are entitled to participate and vote all shareholders registered in the Shareholders’ Registry by the end of the day of 09.04.2021, set as reference date.

If the valid conditions on the first call are not fulfilled, the following General Assembly of Shareholders is called for 22.04.2021, by maintaining the agenda, the hour and the place and the reference date.

The company issued 2.458.298 shares, each share gives one voting right to the shareholder in the OGAOS



1. Approval of the financial situations ended on 31.12.2020 based on the report of the Board of Directors and on the report of the company’s independent financial auditor

2. Approval of the discharge of the Company’s Board of Directors for the 2020 financial year

3. Approval of covering the financial loss recorded in 2020 from the retained earnings as the surplus from the reevaluation reserves and also from the other reserves set up in previous years.

4. Presentation and submitting for approval of the Budget of Revenues and Expenses for the 2021 financial year and of the Investment Program for the 2021 financial year.

5. Approval of prescribing the right of the shareholders to require payment of dividends for years 2013 and 2014 which were not collected, distributed on the base of the OGAOS’s Decision no. 1/16.11.2016, in amount of 98.102,61 lei, amount which will be updated on the date of the OGAOS meeting and register them under ”OTHER INCOME”.

6. Establishing the date of 20.05.2021 as the registration date which serves to identify the shareholders who will be affected by the decisions adopted by the Ordinary General Assembly of Shareholders and of the date of 19.05.2021 as „ex date”, pursuant to art. 2 alin. (2) letter l) of ASF Regulation No. 5/2018.

7. Mandating the legal adviser, Bogdan Anca Viorica, to register the Decision of the Ordinary General Assembly of the Shareholders at the Trade Register of Mures Law Court.


One or more shareholders representing, individually or together, at least 5% from the company capital, have the right in 15 days after publishing this convocation letter to make requests to the Board of Directors for introducing items on the agenda of the Ordinary General Assembly of Shareholders, on condition that each item be accompanied by an explanation or a draft decision proposed to be adopted by the OGAOS and to present decision drafts for the items included or proposed to be included on the agenda of the General Meeting.

In case of modyifing the OGAOS’s agenda with the items proposed by the shareholders, the new OGAOS’s agenda will be published until 08.04.2021.

Every shareholder has the right to ask questions regarding the agenda of the OGAOS until the date when new items can be introduced on the OGAOS’s agenda and the answer will be given in the meeting of OGAOS or will be posted on our website, section ”Frequently asked questions”.

The shareholders can participate in person, vote by correspondance or they can be represented in the Ordinary General Assembly of Shareholders either by their legal representatives or by other representatives who were given a general/special power of attorney, according to the conditions of the art. 92 from the Law no. 24/2017. The shareholders’ access is allowed with the simple proof of their identity, with their ID - for the individual shareholders or in the case of legal entities ID of the legal representative and legal representatives of the individual shareholders - with a general/special proxy given to the individual who represents them.

Shareholders may grant a proxy generally valid for a period not exceeding three years, allowing the designated representative to vote on all issues under discussion in the OGAOS of the Company, provided that the proxy to be given by the shareholder, as a client, to an intermediary defined in art. 2 para. (1) Section 20 of Law no. 24/2017 or to a lawyer.  

General Proxies shall contain all the information specified in art. 202 from ASF Regulation no. 5/2018, shall be submitted to the Company at least 48 hours before the general assembly, in copies, and should include statements of compliance with the original, under the representative’s signature.

The quality of legal representative is proven by the list of shareholders from Central Depository or by an excerpt issued by the Registry of Commerce, issued 3 months at the latest before the date OGAOS.

The above requirements apply correspondingly also to prove the quality of a legal representative of the shareholder who proposes the introduction of new points on the agenda of the general meeting of shareholders or who asks the issuer questions regarding points from the agenda of the general assembly of shareholders.

The shareholders registered on the reference date can also vote the items from the agenda by correspondance - the voting form, filled in and signed accordingly, if they haven’t given a general/special power of attorney to somebody else. In case the shareholder who has voted by correspondance attends the general assembly in person or by representatives, the vote by correspondance for that general assembly will be canceled. In this case, only the vote expressed in person or by proxy will be taken into consideration.

The special proxies and the voting bulletin form by correspondance will be made available to the shareholders at the company’s headquarters during working days, between 09:00-15:00 and at the company’s webpage.  The special proxies/ the voting bulletin form by correspondance shall be sent in a closed envelope to the company’s headquarters by clearly mentioning on the envelope in capital letters "FOR ORDINARY GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF SHAREHOLDERS FROM 21/22.04.2021”, and it must arrive at the company’s headquarters by latest 48 hours before the OGAOS.

The shareholders can also appoint their representative by electronic means, the notification of the assignment by electronic means can be made at the e-mail address office@mobex.ro, with their extended electronic signature attached.

Given the recent evolution of the COVID-19 dissemination, taking into account the restrictions imposed by the establishment of the state emergency, but also the ASF requests regarding the adoption of all necessary measures to prevent/limit the spread of COVID-19, the Company encourages the exercise of the right to vote within the voting bulletin form by correspondance which will be available to the shareholders on the company's website starting the publishing date of this convocation letter.

The documents and information materials on the problems from the agenda of the General Assembly of Shareholders will be available to the shareholders, at the company’s headquarters during working days between 09:00-15:00 or on the company’s website, starting the publishing date of this convocation letter.


P R E D I S E N T,

eng. Popescu Mihail



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