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Saturday, August 15, 2020 
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Dividend payment for 2019

Release Date: 5/13/2020 3:42:27 PM

IRIS Code: 9DE88

Report date: May 13, 2020

Information according to: Law 24/2017, FSA Regulation 5/2018

Issuer name: Societatea de Investitii Financiare MOLDOVA S.A.

Headquarters: 94C Pictor Aman street, Bacau

Phone/fax/e-mail: 0234576740 / 0234570062 / sifm@sifm.ro

Sole registration number at the Trade Register Office: 2816642

EUID: ROONRC J/04/2400/1992

LEI: 254900Y1O0025N04US14

Share capital: 100,217,917.6 RON

Number of issued shares: 1,002,179,176

Face Value: 0.1 RON/share

Ownership structure: 100% private

Free float: 100%

ASF Register No.: PJR071AFIAA/040002

Regulated market on which the issued securities are traded: Bucharest Stock Exchange, Premium category

International identifiers:

Bucharest Stock Exchange: SIF2


Bloomberg: BBGID BG000BMN5F5

Reuters: SIF2.BX


To:       Bucharest Stock Exchange



Financial Instruments and Investments Sector


Announcement on SIF Moldova dividends payment:


SIF Moldova announces the shareholdders that the Company will start paying the dividends for the year 2019, in compliance with the Resolution 4 of the General Meeting of Shareholders held on April 27, 2020, as follows:

(a)    the gross dividend per share is 0.06 RON of which the dividend tax will be withheld in the quotas stipulated by the legislation in force at the date of the payment, namely 5%; the costs related to the payment shall be paid from the net amount of the dividend;

(b)   the dividends distributed from the profit achieved in the financial year 2019 will be paid to the shareholders starting with June 11, 2020 - Payment Date;

(c)    the shareholders entitled to receive the dividends allocated from the net profit achieved in the financial year 2019 are those being registered in the consolidated register of shareholders as of May 19, 2020Registration Date, May 18, 2020 Ex-Date;

(d)   in case of deceased shareholders, the dividends are to be paid at the request of one of the heirs only after Depozitarul Central transfers the shares on the heirs’ name, according to the procedure described in section C.

(e)    in compliance with the Resolution no. 5 of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders held on April 27, 2020, the dividends for 2016 that will not be collected until December 17, 2020 will be prescribed.


The payment of the dividends is made in compliance with the provisions of article 86 of Law 24/2017 on issuers of instruments and market operations and article 177 of FSA Regulation 5/2018, through the Depozitarul Central, as follows:

1.      In case of a shareholder who has opened a securities account at an intermediary participant to the clearing-settlement and registry system of Depozitarul Central, hereinafter referred to as the “Participant”, the money will be collected from the participant. Details in Section A.

2.      In case of a shareholder who has not opened a securities account with a participant, the payment of the dividends shall be made in cash by Depozitarul Central through Banca Transilvania, which is the paying agent appointed by SIF Moldova. For legal entities the payment is made on request by bank transfer. Details in Section B.


A.    Payments to the shareholders from Section 2 of Depozitarul Central – set out in paragraph 1

For individuals and corporate shareholders registered on May 19, 2020 and who have opened a securities account with a participant, the dividends will be paid by bank transfer on the Payment Date, June 11, 2020 without any additional documents.


B.    Payments to the shareholders from Section 1 of Depozitarul Central - set out in paragraph 2:

B1. Cash payments at Banca Transilvania counters for individual shareholders:

For individual shareholders, the dividends payment will be made in cash at Banca Transilvania counters across the country in the working hours of the banking units, starting with June 11, 2020, as follows:

1.      for individual shareholders personally present at the counter, the payment of the dividends will be made based on the ID;

2.      for non-resident individual shareholders personally present at the counter, the payment of dividends will be made based on passport whose series and number must match the records of Depozitarul Central;

3.      for individual shareholders represented by tutors or curators, the payment of dividends will be made based on the following documents: the identity document of the shareholder, the document that certifies the quality of tutor/curator and the ID of the tutor/curator; the mentioned documents are presented in original and a photocopy in conformity with the original is retained at the bank;

4.      for individual shareholders that authorise another person, the payment of dividends shall be made to the authorised person, based on the following documents: identity document of the authorised person, special proxy certified by a notary, issued within 3 years prior to the date of the current payment, which comprises the name, surname, personal numeric code and authorisation to receive dividends; the mentioned documents are presented in original and a photocopy is retained at the bank.

The documents presented in a foreign language shall be accompanied by a certified translation into Romanian, and if issued by a foreign authority these must be apostilled or legalized, as appropriate.


B2. Payments by bank transfer for individual and corporate shareholders

(only in accounts opened in RON at a bank from Romania):

Payments are made by Depozitarul Central, based on the IBAN Code Collection Form and the procedure posted on the website www.depozitarulcentral.ro, www.roclear.ro.


C. Dividends due to deceased shareholders 

Dividends due to deceased shareholders will be paid only after the Depozitarul Central registers the direct transfer of ownership into individual accounts, as a result of the inheritance, based on the request of the heirs. The payment of dividends can be made on behalf of the requesting heir, either in his bank account or at the counter of Banca Transilvania, based on the application form posted on SIF Moldova website (www.sifm.ro) and the documents mentioned in the form, as the case may be.


D. Clarifications on the application of other tax rates

D.1. To apply the more favorable provisions of the Double Taxation Conventions concluded between Romania and the shareholders’ residence country, they shall submit to SIF Moldova by May 29, 2020, the following:

·         application in original of the most favorable provisions of the Double Taxation Conventions, accompanied by

·         tax residency certificate for the year in which the payment of dividends (2020) occurs, in the validity term, in original or certified copy, apostilled/legalized, if necessary, accompanied by a certified translation into Romanian, in original and documents containing the contact details required for any clarifications.


In compliance with the Tax Code, the tax residency certificate must also include the identification elements of the non-resident, as well as of the authority that issued the certificate of tax residency, such as: name, address, tax identification code, specification that it is tax resident in the issuing State and the issuing date of the certificate.


The payment of dividends at the Payment Date of June 11, 2020 by applying the most favorable quota is subject to complete and accurate submission of all documents and possible clarifications requested until May 29, 2020. Payment applications submitted later than the Payment Date will be processed, if the dividends have not been paid, no later than 10 working days after the receipt of the complete and accurate documentation and any clarifications requested.


D.2. Shareholders who are resident and non-resident pension funds, as well as non-incorporated investment funds from Romania for which the dividends will be paid at gross value (zero tax):


For the pension funds and non-incorporated investment funds from Romania, the Participants or Management Companies shall send until May 29, 2020 the application for payment of gross dividends, signed by the legal representative or the person authorized to represent the Fund, containing the following information:

·         type of the fund (pension or closed / open investment fund;

·         personal statement for being non-incorporated;

·         fund identification data as registered in SIF Moldova shareholder register at Depozitarul Central, namely: sole registration code, full name of the fund

·         ISIN code/FSA registry number.


In case of non-resident pension funds, a document issued by the competent regulatory authority in the home Member State shall also be provided indicating that the funds are constituted and authorized as pension funds, in original or legalized copy, accompanied by a certified translation into Romanian.


We inform you that starting with May 25, 2018, SIF Moldova applies the provisions of the EU Regulation no. 679/2016 on the processing of personal data. SIF Modova policy on the protection of personal data (GDPR) is posted on the company's website. Changes of personal data in SIF Moldova shareholders’ register are made only by the Depozitarul Central SA at the request of the entitled shareholder / person.


Further information on the procedure for dividend payment can be requested from:

·   Depozitarul Central www.depozitarulcentral.ro, www.roclear.ro, 34 – 36 Carol I Boulevard, sector 2, phone 021-408 5874, e-mail: dividende@depozitarulcentral.ro

  • SIF Moldova: phone 0787-869312; 0234-576 740 (interior 313-314), fax 0234/576491; e-mail: actionariat@sifm.ro


Claudiu Doros



Catalin Nicolaescu

Compliance Officer



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