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OGSM resolutions 26.04.2018

Release Date: 4/26/2018 4:28:15 PM

IRIS Code: 023DB


According to the Regulation C.N.V.M. no. 1/2006



Date of report: 26.04.2018

Name of the issuing company: U.C.M. Resita S.A.

Registered office: Montreal Square, No. 10, World Trade Center Building, Entrance F, 1st Floor, Office no. 1.50, Sector 1, Bucharest

Headquarters: Resita, Golului Street, no. 1, 320 053, Caras Severin County

Tel: 0255/217111; Fax: 0255/223082

Unique registration code: 1056654

Number at the Trade Register Office: J 40/13628/2011

Subscribed and paid-up capital: 10,993,390.40 lei

Regulated market where the issued securities are traded: Bucharest Stock Exchange

Important events to report: Decision of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders 04/26/2018


U.C.M. Resita S.A. informs the shareholders that at the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders convened for 04/26/2018, established in accordance with the legal and statutory provisions at the first convening, two of the shareholders expressed their right to vote by correspondence, holding a total of 107,066,538 shares, representing 97.3917% of the registered capital and, respectively 100% of the voting rights that may be expressed within this general meeting, observing the legal provisions regarding the validity of the deliberations of the ordinary general meeting also those concerning the adoption of resolutions, decides the followings:

1. Take notice about the Report presented by the Special Trustees for the year 2017, with reference to the financial statements for the year 2017, also the Auditor's Report prepared for the accounting year ended at 31.12.2017.

2. Approve, with a number of 107.066.538 votes "for", representing 100% of the registered capital represented in the meeting; no votes "against" and with none votes "abstention", the financial statements of the Company on 31.12.2017, including the statement on the financial position of the company, statement on the comprehensive income, statement on the changes in equity, statement of cash flow and the explanatory notes of the yearly financial statements in the form in which they were prepared and submitted by the Special Trustees. The financial statements for the year 2017 include the following elements:


Information from the financial statements (balance sheet) ( lei)

- fixed assets:


- current assets:


- current debts:


- long-term debt:


- equity:


Information from the profit and loss account:

- total income:


- total expenses:


- gross result - loss:


- Income tax expenses:


- deferred tax:


 - income from deferred tax:


- net result of the period - loss:



3. Approve, with a number of 107.066.538 votes "for", representing 100% of the registered capital represented in the meeting; no votes "against" and with none votes "abstention", the Company’s budget of revenues and expenses for the year 2018.

4 Approve, with a number of 107.066.538 votes "for", representing 100% of the registered capital represented in the meeting; no votes "against" and with none votes "abstention", the date of 18.05.2018 as registration date for identification of shareholders that will be affected by the decision of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders.


Special Trustee:




Special Trustee:

Nicoleta Liliana IONETE



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