Financial data - 12/31/2017

  Symbol: NTEX
  Company Name: SIFI CJ STORAGE SA
  Fiscal / Unique Code: 201896

Indicator - RON -
Fixed assets - Total f
Current assets - Total f
Debtors - due within one year f
Current assets/Net current liabilities f
Total assets less current liabilities f
Debtors - due after more than one year f
Revenues in advance f
Subscribed paid up capital f
Shareholders equity - Total f
Total receivables f
Total liabilities f
Net turnover f
Operating income - Total f
Operating expenses - Total f
Operating result f
Financial income - Total f
Financial expenses - Total f
Financial result f
Current result f
Extraordinary income f
Extraordinary expenses f
Extraordinary result f
Total revenues f
Total expenses f
Gross result f
Net result f
Result per share f
Back payments - Total f
Back payments for suppliers - Total f
Back payments of liabilities to the social insurance budget f
Taxes which are not paid to the State budget upon payment date f
Average number of employees (only full time employees) f

Note: Financial reports are based on Ministry of Finance regulations.