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Wednesday, September 18, 2019 
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23 companies on the AeRO market will be part of Premium category on February 15


Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) announces that 23 companies on the AeRO market will move to Premium category on Monday, February 15, 2016. The remaining companies will be part of Standard category.

Criteria for selecting companies for AeRO - Premium Category:

- The shares must be traded based on the continuous trading mechanism and:

- The average daily traded value on the main market (regular) for the last 6 months to be higher than EUR 1,000


- The total value of holdings of less than 10% to be higher than EUR 1,000,000 (based on the most recent structure provided by the Central Depository)

- Newly admitted shares, with no trading history, will be included in AeRO – Premium Category for at least 12 months from their debut on AeRO, if no extraordinary situations will recommend their reclassification in the AeRO – Standard Category.

Companies that will be part of Aero Category - Premium are:

Argus Constanta (UARG) - is the second player in the bottled oil market in Romania. Argus is processing seeds of sunflower and rapeseed for producing crude oil, refined oil, protein groats and other products. The company sells oil under the brands Argus, Tomis and Sora Soarelui.

Autonova Satu Mare (AUTQ) - with an experience of over 60 years, the company operates in design and manufacture both hydraulic brake for cars and various assemblies, subassemblies and individual parts for the automotive and nonautomotive.

Bittnet Systems (BNET) - supplier of IT training, IT solutions implementation services (network infrastructure, routing, switching, servers, data centres, virtualization, security, telepresence or wireless), and technical support services.

Braiconf Braila (BRCR) - the largest manufacturer of shirts in Romania. The company owns a network of 17 stores in Romania in cities such as Bucharest, Braila, Brasov, Bacau, Constanta, Craiova, Cluj-Napoca, Galati, Pitesti, Ploiesti, Oradea and Timisoara. In the history of 65 years, over 100 million shirts were produced in the plant at Braila.

Bucur Obor Bucuresti (BUCU) - the company manages a shopping centre in Bucharest, famous for products on sale and their variety. The store is the first choice of Bucharest area when it comes to food, clothing, shoes or accessories.

Bucur Bucuresti (BUCV) - the company activates in the field of wholesale, non-specialized food, beverages and tobacco. Commercial rents, and services for storage, handling and marketing of goods through its own warehouses.

Comat Galati (COTM) - the company specializes in wholesale trade of industrial products, as well as rent and sublease of commercial and performs supply-sales services for other undertakings.

Comnord Bucuresti (COSC) - performing works of civil and industrial construction, industrial production in construction and provides services in the field of construction equipment. Among other projects, the company built Baneasa commercial centre, but also a part of Militari Residence.

Compania Hoteliera Intercontinental Romania (RCHI) - administers the InterContinental Hotel, a 5-star hotel in Bucharest, located in University Square. InterContinental Hotel has 283 rooms and suites and is the only one in Bucharest with a conference room and a health centre with swimming pool at 70 meters high.

Comvex Constanta (CMVX) - is a port operator and currently has the largest terminal in Constanta specialized in specific industrial unloading, as well as coal or iron ore.

Delivery Solutions (SDAY) - is the first company on the Romanian market niche courier, the recipient is focused on delivering the consignments in their takeover day, whether it is transportation locally, nationally or internationally. The company operates under the brand Sameday

Electroprecizia Sacele (ELZY) - is a producer of electric motors and generators in Romania. The company manufactures various types of electric motors, bench grinders, electric pumps, alternators, voltage regulators, various kinds of relays, dashboard with speedometer, oil pressure gauges, and temperature and fuel level indicator.

Flaros Bucuresti (FLAO) - company specializing in renting space for production and storage to companies and individuals. The company owns about 10,000 square meters of industrial buildings, available for rent.

Imotrust Arad (ARCV) - real estate developer in Western part of Romania. The company owns warehouses and industrial facilities, office buildings and residential, commercial spaces and land.

International Caviar Corporation Calan (AMAL) - the company aims to become producer of caviar in Romania.

Iproeb Bistrita (IPRU) - produces a wide range of electrical products, a wide variety of cables and insulated conductors, cables insulated for LEA, traction steel ropes, cables, insulators and composite insulators and insulating materials.

Life is Hard Cluj-Napoca (LIH) - is one of the companies in Romania with its own portfolio of software products, solutions with focus on serving the business community. One of the most popular products of the company is 24broker platform, used by insurance brokers to manage the activity.

Mercur Craiova (MRDO) - company manages a shopping centre in Craiova. In October 2015 it entered into a comprehensive process of modernization. Thus, the ground floor, 1 and 2 will be hosted fashion brands and accessories, jewellery, shoes, sporting goods and services, while the third floor will be devoted to the area of ??the food court, which will bring together restaurants, cafes, bakeries, but also playgrounds and entertainment for children. The modernization project provides a multiplex cinema on the fourth floor with six rooms and an entertainment area which includes a casino.

Practic Bucuresti (PRBU) - owns 50,000 square meters of commercial space and offices, is one of the largest owners of capital. The commercial space is 35,000 square meters, nearly 4% of all spaces in Bucharest. Mega Image, Profi, BCR and Raiffeisen are the main tenants at the basement.

Prodvinalco Cluj (VAC) - holds a top position among companies producing alcohol and distillates Natural is the market leader in Romania. The company produces brandy and liquors fruit specialties from natural extracts (bitter, florio and fernet), alcoholic drinks with or without added flavourings, liqueurs and gin.

Prospectiuni Bucuresti (PRSN) - geological and geophysical services provider with over 65 years of experience in the oil and gas industry Romanian and rich experience in the international arena.

Transilvania Leasing si Credit IFN Brasov (TSLA) - the company offers solutions for car leasing, real estate leasing, equipment leasing and loans: credit mortgage, mortgage, investment loan, credit projects grants, bridge loan and credit lines.

Uzinexport Bucuresti (UZIN) - is a company distributing technological equipment and industrial equipment in Romania. The company specializes in transactions related to complex industrial projects: cement and other components of the construction materials industry, metallurgical industry, with shipyards and shipbuilding. Uzinexport factories is the main company of the group, which also includes IPROLAM, Uzinengeneering, UPETROLAM, Commet and Hidrojet, working in design, consulting and manufacturing of industrial equipment.


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